Geometry Fit

This is a game in which a moving object on a zig-zag shaped line is headed into different obstacles, all of which can contain a special geometry which you have to create by tapping the screen and switching between shapes.


Main Objective:
  • Changing the shapes and not loosing
  • Tapping the screen and changing shapes
  • Beating your high score


what have you been up to?
1 year ago
Published on Google Play and App Store... Done! ;)
1 year ago
We designed icon and screenshots for publish.
1 year ago
Imported Analytics + Ads SDKs and prepared the build version.
1 year ago
We designed the 3D dynamic background.
1 year ago
We completed the logic of the gameplay and add some particles.
1 year ago
We started the core logic of Geometry Fit's gameplay
1 year ago
We have completed the initial look of GeometryFit's Assets
1 year ago

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